Lifelike Realistic Baby Dolls with Flex-Touch Vinyl

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  • cheyanne ford says:

    I might order a vinyl soft touch baby peanut but I wanted to know if her
    mouth opens like the silicone babies

  • lilysdolls1 says:

    She looks so sweet i ordered her, i will be getting her by next week :)

  • brittany spencer says:

    Can you please do a video of baby Mei by Ping Lau. i am thinking about
    getting her. she’s so cute :)

  • TheLpsSquirrel says:

    I have the tall dreams and boy do i LOVE her!

  • BramblyHedgeNursery says:

    Paradise Galleries is such a wonderful company. I can’t wait to save up
    enough to purchase a new Flex Touch doll!!! I have Panda Twin boy and am
    MORE than satisfied- I would brag to all of my friends about the company
    and am optimistic for this new material. Thank you for posting!!

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