Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners The Buzzer with David Cammiss

Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. This fly tying tutorial demonstrates a buzzer.
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  • TheHunterman1994 says:

    Hello David. You should show everyone how to tie the ausable wullf it was mad by Fran betters and he passed. Its would be AWSOME if you did that. Thanks budy,

  • TheIrrelevantOne says:

    I just started fly tying and ordered some supplies…well, I couldn’t wait for them to come in so I tied some flies with hair from my cat! No joke.

  • rusk1y1 says:

    I just dont understand how he tied it

  • TheHunterman1994 says:

    Love this video by the way

  • TheHunterman1994 says:

    I just started, I’m 17 and have alot of learning to do but im geting prity good

  • jamiemcf1 says:

    same here but im 14

  • kiwijabel says:

    I like this video I have been fly tying for 2years now in rotorua new zealand
    The best fishing ever

  • imaflowerbug says:

    Thank you! I’m so happy to find these videos. My dad and I used to tie flies together, it was so much fun. I think I’ll get back into it again.

  • emrani100 says:

    lol i got a hook and my mom has this fur coat i took some fur she wont notice and i tied it to the hook and beleive it or not i caught a trout with that hook

  • bassnbows says:

    Im just about to turn 15, and im just getting started in this. I love doing it and i have gone from completely terrible to a decent level in just about a week. I take a fly tying class at a local sportsmans club, with a few highly eperianced fly tiers, a i have learned a good bit, but we only have it once a week, and only tie one type a fly each time. this is very helpfull, thank you very much.

  • goodman317 says:

    this has been my second attempt at tying a fly, it was a smashing success, I bought a starter kit that had a book with it, but that was not very helpfull, so I tried to just wing it…lol it didnt turn out horrible, but certainly not as well as this one has, thank you very much for this and i will be watching, and learning more.

  • Hunter Shoultz says:

    I just rcvd a kit for christmas, this video is very easy to understand and I cannot wait to get started this week! Thanks!

  • onemouse1 says:

    Thank you very much, for posting this!

  • Steven Contreras says:

    A true artisan, thank you David.

  • MrKoiking1 says:

    thanks, Dave! thanks to you, I’ve just tied my first 2 flies, both of this pattern. i made one small change, and added some white hair at the eye to look like breathing filaments. thanks again, Josh

  • blackbirdbrian says:

    As someone new to flyfishing I was lucky to find a instructor who demistified getting the equipment and casting; now I have discovered your videos which have done the same for fly tying Thanks to Dave and the Team

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