Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 2. Knit Stitch, Bind Off in Knit Stitch

After ‘casting on’ your yarn. This next video will teach you your first stich. Its called the ‘knit stitch’. There are two basic styles of knitting: the continental, and the English method. Its really a matter of preference. Most lefys like to use continental, and rightys English. This video will show you the English method. You will also learn how to ‘bind off’. Binding off is a way to end your knitting so that it doesnt unravel all your work like you see in the cartoons. Because you began with Knit stitch you want to bind of in knit stitch also, unless your pattern calls for it otherwise. **Note: When you start the bind off, you must knit 2 times, then you go back and bind off. Then the next time you only knit once, then bind off. You’ll understand when you watch the video .

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, host of the CraftSanity podcast, visits Lorilee Beltman, owner of City Knitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a quick “Continental” knitting lesson. As a veteran “thrower” or English style knitter, Jennifer didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see how the other half knit. She brought her video camera along to record the tutorial for all of you.
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  • NerdyKitten6 says:

    I love how this is one of the best vidoes I’ve found, but people are still confused.
    Most of the other ones explain all the same things, only in a one-minute window…
    so this was really helpful :3.

  • peetahollic says:

    a question: when i first knit my second row of stiches, it seems to make the bottom corners look round. is this supposed to happen or am i doing something wrong? thnx

  • singerloverforever1 says:

    Thanks for the video! May I ask I was doing 8 stiches and ended up with like 15 on one side so how do i make it 8 again without messing it up?

  • returnwinner says:

    This is a great little video. I got my 8 year-old daughter a knitting art set, and the directions were not the best. Once we got going with this video, we were all set. Thanks for the video!

  • kokihi55 says:

    Good to know. I learned using continental style, and I’ve never actually seen anyone use anything but continental style, so I didn’t even realize you weren’t supposed to let go of the needle.

  • hpswtrke42 says:

    i’ve only ever knit by throwing, as such – gotten quite quick at it, even while doing ribbing, learned how to not be clumsy with it…. guess we all have our own way of doing things but, throwing isnt neccessarily bad or wrong or ‘ineffecient’ …depends on how we were taught, though i was self taught with the help of youtube :P

  • TheMrpiggyboy says:

    So I’m watching the vcideo and your doing the continental. When you cast on do the stiches leen to the the left or the right on the needle that carry the stiches. And what kind of a cast would you suggest for contjnental knitting. Thanks.

  • kokihi55 says:

    I’ve always used continental style as opposed to the traditional style. It always worked out easier and faster for me, since you don’t have to let go of your needle every stitch.

  • wifi918 says:

    So now I’ve learned to knit continental pretty quickly, but it’s so loose! And it starts to make my left hand cramp up just to get any amount of tension. I’m going back to throwing (which, by the way, is not nearly as awkward as they do it. I don’t know who taught these ladies to throw)

  • KnittingBetsy says:

    I’ve been wanting to switch to continental from throwing to become a more efficient knitter. This is exactly what I needed to see-not just someone doing the motions, but also explaining things clearly. Thanks!

  • bearysweeetlady64 says:

    This video demo is by far the best lesson for continental knitting and purling I have ever seen. The angles of view make it very easy to see each step so clearly vs. other videos that are created in which you can’t always see what is going on due to poor angle view of video. Great Job! Now I can proficiently knit and purl continental style…WooHoo! Thanks a million for the demo :)

  • zengrenouille says:

    No matter how hard I try, I cannot knit continental style. There are too many fingers to keep track of.

  • nikki8907 says:

    Thank you for this video! I just started knitting with the throwing method. It was very slow and my hands would start hurting after just a little while. Now that I’m getting the hang of this method it’s so much faster and easier. At first I was freaked out by how loose my stitches were, but maybe I was just knitting very tightly before. Thank you again.

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