jasper johns painting techniques?

Question by waverboy5: jasper johns painting techniques?
anybody have any links for techniques used by Jasper johns in his work? please no Wikipedia. thanks

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Answer by Lili
It seems to me that you should be doing your own research and not making any demands concerning the types of sites that people willing to help you out should be sending you. Online research is easy.

More to the point, if you really want to know about Johns’ painting techniques, get yourself to a library. You’ll learn far, far more from good art history books on Johns than from any online site.

The site below includes some bibliography. You can find more.

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  • sports says:

    Jasper Johns manipulated the surface texture through the encaustic technique. Intensely interested in experimentation, he learned to work with “encaustic” a method which combines pigments and hot wax before they are applied to the surface of a painting. Plaster casts of different types also began to appear on various paintings.
    From 1961 he began to attach real objects to his canvases. In the 1970s he produced paintings composed of clusters of parallel lines that he called “crosshatchings”
    By the middle of the 1970s, these ideas were joined by a technique called crosshatching. Johns was inspired to try this method after an automobile trip to the Hamptons, during which he saw a car covered with marks flash past in the opposite direction. Adapting it to his own purposes, he began to use it to convey a sense of something swiftly glimpsed, then turned into art.
    Acclaimed for his painterly touch, Johns based his technique on the informal brushwork and texture of abstract expressionism, sometimes attaching literal elements such as rulers and brooms to the canvas.

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