Is there a website or other sources to learn amateur radio repair? my interest is “tube Radios” Thanks!!?

Question by davidnapier2: Is there a website or other sources to learn amateur radio repair? my interest is “tube Radios” Thanks!!?
I would like to learn how to repair Tube Type Amateur Radios,can somebody give me some directions?

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Answer by sd_ducksoup
The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) offers many books about Amateur Radios for beginners (link below). I didn’t poke around their site (, but they may have some free articles to help you get started.

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  • william_byrnes2000 says:

    The ARRL is a good idea, just on general principles, and the reference material will be helpful.

    As a member, if you choose to join, you may also use the QST archives, which date back to 1914.

    I have a link here to nostalgia Air, a good site another Ham in the HamRadioHelp Group here on Yahoo provided us.

    One feature on Nostalgia Air that we particularly found useful, was a substitution guide for tubes. It includes a list of tubes suitable for substitution. The scanned models of the tubes are basically from the RCA manual, though the scans came out a little distorted in some images. If you see something that looks like an N, it’s actually an H, for Heater. They also use the letter K for cathode instead of c.

    I also recommend the Boat Anchor Manual Archive, where the manuals are available for free, if you only use one per month. I had a link for this, but when I went in and tried to open one of the manual links, for a Hammarlund Receiver I used to own, it wouldn’t work. The site said that they are working on some issues with their connection, and their ISP, so it may be related to that. For now, I’d try searching for individual rigs unless you already have the schematics and manuals for the radios you’re working on.

    I’d also consider checking Yahoo groups for the Ham radio groups. I’m a member of the Heathkit group, the Ham Radio Help Group, Ham antennas, and a few others. We’ve got some OT’s like myself, who have been licensed for 25 years or more, and some newcomers.

    gud lk es 73

    AB9BD, was WN9AOF in 1968

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