Is there a way to “antique” a brass rail?

Question by MJD-diy: Is there a way to “antique” a brass rail?
I have a shiny brass foot rail that I would like to “antique”.

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Answer by Joyce B
Go to and search on antiquing brass. Most sites use caustic liquids, but the HGTV method seems much safer.

Good luck and have fun.

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  • Butterfly Lover says:

    I did sort of the same thing with cabinet hardware that I thought was to shiny. I used fine grit sand paper to get through the finish and then I rubbed the hardware with gel stain until I had the look I wanted and finished it by spraying with clear spray paint. It was a messy project, but the results were well worth it.

  • robert C says:

    if your brass rail is shiny that means it has been lacquered professionally, its been baked on, you are going to have trouble getting rid of the old lacquer, it’ll come off in bits and pieces, looking terrible i suggest you leave it as is, up to you

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