Is learning to draw explicitly meant to be started at a young age?

Question by Josh: Is learning to draw explicitly meant to be started at a young age?
I’ve dabbled with drawing on and off over the years. (no style in particular, alot of doodleing/crude drawings/and failed half hearted attempts at manga art itself)

I have always been fascinated by manga and anime as well as their art styles. However, the current attempts i make at it are very poor and crude looking, though i have only just begun taking learning and practice seriously in my now recent attempts to learn from books and copy professionaly drawn characters for reference.

However, only now at the late age of 19 have i become serious about wanting to practice and my desire to become decent or adequate in the art of manga (“late” as in perhaps late for learning a skill which i fear is supposed to be begun at an early age).

any attempts i made at manga drawing at a young age (i doodled all sorts of random things, not just disgustingly crude looking “manga” doodles) were half hearted and not taking practice very seriously with little or no determination.

So now at the late age of 19, when i have just begun to take practicing and learning seriously (using manga art tutorials books and online sources, copying professionaly drawn manga hoping the references are a method of learning) etc, i am left wondering if the skill of learning and becoming proficient at ahy particular drawing style is meant to be started from an earlier age and that starting at a late age like 19 means it will be near impossible to obtain any decent skill at it, just as how it is said that by a certain age it becomes very difficult or impossible for people to learn new languages.

any info appreciated.
I don’t have the financial means to attend any sort of art school, and even if i did i know certain members of my family would be strictly against it.
So i am left to try and learn it on my own.

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Answer by globalgirl2
Children learn to draw at an early age because that is when they are developing fine motor skills, but aren’t always able to convey their meanings in words. Drawing lets them express themselves.
I see no reason why someone your age can’t learn to draw. You’ve al read y got the motor skills and the higher level thinking and creativity skills. Now you just need practice and guidance.
Find a friend or an adult who is good at drawing and see if they can give you some tips. Look in the library for books on drawing and drawing manga, see if the library can order them from other libraries if they aren’t immediately avaliable.
Look for art classes in community centers, or even at your library. These classes are typically very cheap and in the evenings because they are aimed at adults. I know my library had a “how to draw manga” workshop. Suggest to your library that they might want to hold this kind of thing, if a lot of teens in your area are interested in Manga.

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  • LM says:

    Not necessarily but as you already know, like learning languages at a tender age, it is more effective to learn and develop skills in a wide range of subjects. When we are young our brains act like some sort of “sponge” absorbing knowledge without any barriers (social and psychological) – but of course this ease of learning won’t happen without some self interest and natural skill when it comes to arts & crafts.

    Nevertheless, like the saying “It’s never too late to learn…” you can learn to draw even if you are 80 (and don’t suffer from arthritis :) ) if may eventually be harder but not impossible! If you’ll be successful or not, that depends on yourself and your expectations but if that is what you want and will make you happy in your life even as a hobby or secondary occupation… just do it!

    Best of luck and I hope it helps.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m almost 14 I started drawing when I was 10 . I can’t say ten is really all young but I started drawing Disney fairies. Now I draw anime and its looking decent. I think it runs in my family. ( dad used to draw, aunt draws well.) I think u can start whenever u can start. I used to be horrible.. But I practice every 2 days and it kept me up. Start looking at manga and try to copy some basic shapes. Look at manga eyes and copy them too. Soon you will find your own style and then go your pace by then. never too late :-)

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