I’m looking for a pre-printed card stock…?

Question by NSnoekums: I’m looking for a pre-printed card stock…?
I am making nametags for a “water” themed VBS this summer and thought it would be fun to print them on cardstock that al read y looks like water.

Do any of you “scrap book ers” or “stampers” know of any resources for this? Please let me know and send me a link for it so I can check it out.


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Answer by thejanith
I know at most crafts stores you can get regular 12×12 paper that looks like the bottom of a full swimming pool, a water print. I’ve also seen a lake-surface print. (Both prints are photos, not drawings.) You could glue or tape this paper to heavier stock or you could use it with the plastic nametag sleeves with clips or pins al read y on them. Those are generally available at office supply stores.

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  • wiscotlass says:

    DieCutsWithA View makes a photo stack that has water paper in it. It would be perfect!!! My local scrapbook store also has papers that look like innertubes floating in water–perfect for a water party. Try Joanns.com if you don’t have stores in your area.

    Good luck!!

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