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Writing the word “Flourishing”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Plushie101 says:

    Hi, great tutorial! :) Mine turned out great!

  • Harper Stallard says:

    I love your designs! 

  • spraggerdog says:

    How would you do “CARL” and my grand son’s name as it as a lot of line in
    it “SULLIVAN” love your work :-)

  • noxgta says:

    Thank you for the video!

  • 13ffd says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to write in cursive? 

  • Madara Uchiha says:

    very impressive I wish my work would look so.
    I would like to know where I can get those utensils u draw with

  • Adrian M Negreanu says:

    I bought a dip nip pen today, to do ink drawing. I checked youtube
    to see how the nib is mounted on the handle, but instead, I found
    “We have developed speed, but we have shut ourself in” — Chaplin

  • Felipe Fujimori says:

    Wow! I wish I could do it… It’s so pretty.

  • Simon Kuang says:

    What nib is this? Could a Brause Rose do this?

  • Zay Al says:

    If I ever failed an exam and got an F that looked like that.. I would be
    the happiest failure ever. Lol. 

  • carmie329 says:

    So things I learned from this video 1. Downward strokes broadens 2. Upward
    strokes narrows 3. Sizes and spaces between letters are consistent 3. they
    all follow the same angle 4. I can’t count for shizz lol

  • Joe V says:

    I can’t believe I spent nearly 7 and half minutes watching someone write
    the word “Flourishing”, but it is refreshing to see someone who still sees
    writing as an art that should be refined.

  • hovawart16 says:


  • rai ZOR says:

    thats a hell of an F, puts my F’s to shame

  • Tom Husby says:


  • GreaterAnticipation says:

    It’s right there at the end of the video! Brause and Co. No.86 Nib Brause
    Marbled Pen Holder Traditional Persian Calligraphy Ink Persian Leather

  • UnhealingMedic says:

    Exact pen (and ink) brand please! As a comic artist, I constantly try to
    use different types of pens for different effects- I’d love to use this!

  • RadioactiveEmu says:

    I love it! But seriously how much do tripods cost now days!

  • Olivia Robinson says:

    What type of dip pen are you using?

  • Mens Sana says:

    Very beautiful, there is poetry in these lines, definitely. It would be
    very nice if you could post a video showing how your handwriting (in a
    letter) look like so as to stimulate us in enhancing our own handwriting.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Luis Maya says:

    La creatividad del hombre supera la frialdad de la máquina, esto es ARTE.

  • zairuku says:

    Dip pen :D!

  • NotreDameGargoile says:

    It pays to watch the whole video… ca.7.21: “For this video Hamid Reza
    Ebrahimi used: Brause & Co. No.86 Nib[…] Brause Marbled Penholder[…]” It’s
    a dip pen by the way, not a fountain pen—I don’t think even the wet noodles
    of the 20s can perform like this. Now… before you get all warm and runny
    scouring the net in the hopes of procuring some of these nibs, I’d feel
    remiss not to apprise you; alas, the no.86 is no longer produced, and, from
    the looks of it, virtually unavailable.

  • stanleyasc says:

    What type of fountain pen did you use? brand and nib size? beautiful
    writing though

  • mame7350 says:


  • NotreDameGargoile says:

    Lol, I’m afraid they’d simply redefine calligraphy as shorthand and
    pen-holder as maxim gun—ink edition—legislatively; and should you have any
    objections they’d simply redefine paper as YOU and ink as .577/450 ROUNDS.
    Ahhh… Isn’t this living constitution thing just a marvel… You know…
    if the government ran the IRS as efficiently as it runs Amtrak, GM, and its
    other market forays, they’d still be working out which end of the goose—let
    alone quill—to put to the paper.

  • Loveyou14345 says:

    Awesome writing. He should be a tattoo artist :)

  • ycnamorcen says:

    Hah. go for it, I insist.

  • Grace Hume says:

    Such an art! Beautiful!

  • nzvvjq says:

    Pretty!!!!! :D

  • Sheelagh Paterson says:

    What pen/nibs/ink are you using? What’s the best paper for this? I want to
    get back into calligraphy and have been lazy recently, and been using
    fibretips (sorry!!). I want to have the sensuallity of the nib, and that
    wonderful scratchy sound!!

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