How to Use your Sewing Machine – for Beginners

(This video is part of the Home Ec e-course series) I co-teach an online sewing e-course for beginners called Home Ec that includes 27 step by step projects. We’ve developed Home Ec intending for it to help increase your confidence behind the machine withUSAble techniques, projects you’ll love and progressive development. Full details at . xo, Leigh-Ann
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  • limetak26 says:

    I learned so much from this video and also the 7 uses/attaches with elastic bands.. You’ve done a great job@video. Please keep ‘em coming :) Two Thumbs Up!

  • bellajenna87 says:

    well, unless your finger is as thin as a piece of fabric, you really shouldn’t worry about it. there’s no way that your finger will be able to slide underneath the foot of the machine while you are sewing. so breathe easy. :)

  • iModelMichelle says:

    HELP!!! I am new to sewing and i can’t seem to get my hem straight….i dont know what im doing wrong but it seems like the fabric has a mind of its own….maybe i just cant sew straight or idk do you have any advice i would really appreciate it..

  • tovelitttol says:

    i think i’ve already commented how great and useful this video is,but i’ll do it again! This has helped me alot! More basics!

  • FiLiPiNoQt122 says:

    please please please do more basic sewing tutorial. My mom gave me a sewing machine she got a long time ago but she never used it so she gave it to me. I would love to learn how to sew like you :)

  • ArtemisPrim says:

    Im learning to sew. I want to be able to make my own shirts and bottoms. Im a bigger girl, so it makes sense. This video has helped me to understand hemming. Would you make a vest or a bell sleeved shirt? Or even guachos. I would really like it if you made guachos.

  • s10blossom says:

    Thank you so much!! Both my parents know how to sew and do sew pretty well (seeing as they don’t have too much practice) and I love to create things, my sewing machine and I are good companions. My mom had taken courses in her high school and has taught my dad pretty well (he is more precise). He only uses the rolled hem. -___-
    Next basics idea: Box shirt. boatpeoplevintage have a good video. What’s your take?

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