How to Study for Your Amateur Ham Radio License Exam

How to Study for Your Amateur/Ham Radio License Exam (1080p HD)

Here are some great resources on getting into amateur radio. One of the best ways I have found to study for your ham license exam is with a website called Easy to use whenever and wherever you are with a smartphone or computer. Check it out.
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I met Catherine Goodrich at this year’s (2012) ARRL Field Day event, held at Nashville’s Lock Two Park. She is Team Lead for Community Emergency Response Team (G2R CERT), serving the Donelson-Hermitage area. Catherine kindly allow ed me to interview her on-camera, although she didn’t need me to ask her any questions at all. I simply asked her to tell the viewers about her organization, rolled the camera and said ‘action’. The result was this video …and in one, continuous take, she says it all. We need more people like her watching out for the rest of us. Thank you, Catherine!
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  • mts0628 says:

    I totally agree but on the other hand, you have 10 years to figure out what’s necessary and what’s not. Example, if you’re never going to build an antenna or are using a wattmeter built in to a radio, then “why bother” as my brother in law (who’s a Ham) would say. I disagree with him but he doesn’t want to do what I do. That’s the novelty of amateur radio though, something for everyone. 73 de KB7L.

  • mm3sgq says:

    So when you need to calculate the formula for making an antenna or measuring your power, you will have flash cards for that too??

    This way may get you your license, but it wont teach you the fundamentals. There is merit in studying the materials still, just not sure learning by rote is the right way.
    Just my opinion.

    73 de MM0SGQ

  • Michael Heywood says:

    Thanks!  I’m just thinking about getting into ham radio.

  • RoaminHans says:

    Thank you for this informative video.

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