How To Start Writing Calligraphy

Have you ever wanted to get good at calligraphy. Well look no further than this guide on How To Start Writing Calligraphy. Follow Video jug’s professionals as they guide you through this informative video .
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Learn how to write the letter “A” in calligraphy in thisfree video series that will teach you everything you need to know about writing in this sophisticated penmanship style. Expert: Joanna Joseph Bio: Joanna Joseph has lived in Canyon Country since 1974. She has been leading hikes in the southwest for the last five years, mostly with Elder Hostel, which includes individuals 55 and over. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • ThePkeman says:

    A tip which may help some people who buy metal nibs which seem not to work, you may need to dip the nib in boiling water for about 20 seconds to remove the protective varnish, this is coated onto some nibs for export to tropical countries – it stops corrosion in humid climates. Wipe dry gently but firmly down the nib towards the point. Another tip; trying to write too fast with nibs 1.5mm up can result in drying up frequently as the ink needs time to spread across the nib width. Slow and sure!:)

  • OTKateOTKate says:

    I added a video response of a man doing Chinese Calligraphy with water in a public square in Sanmenxia China. It is a beautiful art.

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