How to setup the C Crane CC WiFi Radio

I am setting up the CC WiFi Radio using a WPA wireless password. You do not need to enter a password if your router is not setup for one. Setup is fairly sim…

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  • Ghstwn says:

    Thank you for the wonderfully detailed vocal explanation of what you were
    Nice going Edison. Ever thought of going into teaching?? LOL!

  • Sam P says:

    Do you really think you taught ANYTHING by rotating & pushing a dial and
    explaining NOTHING!!! I did not learn a GD thing, , except to stop the vid
    and write this to tell you how incredibly inept and stupid you are, when it
    comes to putting a so called instructional video on youtube. I guess you
    are a product of our now “enlightened” educational system.

  • Brett Bagley says:

    One more question……What type of external speakers can be used to
    supplement the tiny main one?

  • C. Crane says:

    Work with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 AES or TKIP

  • urban1337 says:

    wow that is really neat..

  • Rita Meilak says:

    like it, i will ordering one of these ,Thanks for the clear view

  • Chad Quick says:

    This is hands down the best wifi radio out there. It picks up wifi signals
    with no sweat and uses the Receiva platform which has tons of stations. 99
    presets just isn’t enough.

  • C. Crane says:

    Any Wireless B or G router should work. These are pretty cheap and you
    should be able to find them at any electronics store like Radio Shack. I
    usually recommend old reliable Linksys WRT54G router

  • Brett Bagley says:

    Thanks for the clear view of how to set this up. I purchased it just
    yesterday for a Jan 6, 2010 delivery at $140. Can’t wait to receive it.
    Thanks again!

  • KA7EII says:

    How cool is that? I’m calling C Crane next week and ordering one of these!
    Looks like it will work just fine with my WPA Wi-Fi setup at home.

  • wb9ses says:

    I just bought yesterday at AES in Milwaukee. Very cool toy. I like to
    stream my desktop MP3s into the radio as well.

  • Leroy O. Jackson says:

    I’ve noticed some online stations that aren’t on the radio. How do I submit

  • wyo7011 says:

    Can you listen to podcasts with this?

  • C. Crane says:

    You can use any self powered computer speakers, just plug them into the
    audio line output jack on the back. I have mine plugged into my home stereo
    equipment for bigger sound. It works great as a componant piece.

  • Jerry Mungo says:

    30 min ti turn your radio on- fantastic.

  • masterlee123 says:

    Can you get Howard Stern on that thing?

  • shecter diamond says:

    I don’t know why it’s taking so long to design the cc wifi radio to pick up
    iheart radio stations.

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