How to plant tomatoes in the garden

For the best yields follow the tomato planting guidelines in this video .
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A demo and review of Burpee’s eco friendly seed starter kit .
Burpee Gardening

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  • Tara Burner says:

    they did great…until I went on vacation and neglected to have someone water them after I moved them to my balcony…I live in 3rd floor condo….I planted them in huge pots and yes in sunlight once there were about 5-6″ high

  • Franchescalifornia says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    Just a followup…how was your garden that year, once you transplanted them outdoors?

    Also, did you plant them directly—- indoors to your garden? Or did you slowly take them out, into the sunlight, until you planted them? (hope that makes sense.)

  • Elizabeth McCallum says:

    I just bought that for the first time today. Thanks for showing us how it works!

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