How To Plant & Grow Lettuce

Learn how to plant and grow lettuce from Burpee’s expert horticulturist.
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How to Plant and Grow Peas

Learn all about growing fresh garden peas — including the three types of peas
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Burpee Gardening

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  • Richie B says:

    i also have burpee seeds and just planted some lettuce seeds today hope they grow

  • Bryan Remley says:

    Great video i am trying to start a square ft garden i am looking for a lot of information on a lot of veg.thank you 

  • headlightguy says:

    i thought i was the only one that felt bad pulling the younglings out :)

  • korfx04 says:

    You sir/mam are so correct on that. I Usually buy all my seeds from a farmer store here in Georgia where they deal with bulk purchases (billions of loose seeds in bins) and i always get over 90% germination rate.

    Well this year i wanted to plant some different things that this place didn’t have so when i was in wallyworld i seen what i wanted and bought several packs.. Well, i’ve never seen such sorry germination rates in my life. Out of 2 hundred trays i only had 30% G.R . Ferry-Morse sucks!

  • SwtIslandGurl808 says:

    I’m a new at growing greens. What type of soil mix do I use when planting in pots? Thanks for posting! God Bless!

  • DesertDigger1 says:

    Ferry-Morse seeds suck! Burpees do much better…figures,another by-product of Walmart,dont waste your money.

  • TheGowdyFamily says:


  • pooljon says:

    i have many burpee seeds and they grow well
    i bought a batch the other day but the packet was empty

  • powrbook17 says:

    That made me hungry for a salad.

  • EpicHawk says:

    Thanks for the tips

  • WillyDudemanguyPalms says:

    I pretty much have to become a Pea Professional in a day for a class project, and this helped. so thank you!

  • everywunmember says:

    Snap peas are my favorite!

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