How to Plant and Grow Carrots

Sweet crunchy carrots are a home-grown favorite of adults and children alike.
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Pepper fanciers can be among the most fanatical of vegetables gardeners. See how easy it is to plant and grow both sweet and hot peppers.
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  • Sewing4Christ says:

    Yes thanks so much for your videos.

  • Gary Reed says:

    I have some ghost pepper plants. They are inside. The problem is that although they appear otherwise very healthy, they have not produced even one single fruit. They produce numerous flowers which simply wither and die. The problem must have something to do with pollenization but I shake the plants as well as transfer pollen with a que tip. I can’t imagine what’s wrong.. Any ideas?

  • stevep119 says:

    planting different varieties of pepper next to each other won’t compromise the flavour that is true but it will compromise the seeds if you planning to save the seeds to grow again the following season as they will cross pollinate

  • Gabe Jacobs says:

    hey there! we should subscribe to eachother and learn more from eachother! :) great peppers btw!

  • 0805Alan says:

    Hi :)
    Nice video. I have one question: Is there any benefit if I put my hot peppers on 12-13 hours of full sun instead of “only” 9 full sun hours? I’m growing bhut jolokia and a few of habaneroes if that is helping.
    Thank you!

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