How to Make Rough Layouts for Comics/Manga

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  • Anné Young says:

    Ahh, Mark… You make me laugh with your silly dialogue.
    Seriously though, you help me more than I ever thought possible, I’m so excited to get my manga started!

  • michelleelletson says:

    •_• he calls it rough i call it my finished product

  • MyVidsForLosers says:

    His rough drafts are better then my good copies. ._.

  • merccc1 says:

    He is not japanese. =)

    Manga is really just the right way to do cartoons if you don’t quite want to be realistic but you do no want to be overly cartoonized (extreme proportions like in ben 10 for example.) Japan was just the first to really focus on it. really just feels like the right.

  • siverfanweedo says:

    Oh my this is helpfull XD
    YES Sivermade manga

  • animeabsol20 says:

    I have your book “Manga for the begginer” thx to ur book, i can draw like a pro now

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