How to Make Bath Bomb Cupcakes on Soap Queen TV

Learn as Anne-Marie shows how to make extra special bath fizzies. In this episode, Anne-Marie shares a unique tub frosting recipe that hardens perfectly and melts into a luxurious bubble bath. Then she shows how to make adorable bath bomb cupcakes that look good enough to eat – but we recommend tossing them in the bath tub instead! Areyou a blog ger? Please feel free to embed this video on your blog . If you need any help just let us know! Anne-Marie Faiola is the owner of Bramble Berry author of Soap Queen Blog http and developer of Teach Soap Music PsyWoofers’ “Dancing 4 Joy” All supplies used can be purchased at

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  • lilicheerleader says:

    They do look edible

  • soapqueentv says:

    Hi Lizzy! You can omit the SLS (or try the more natural SLSA) and you bath bomb with still be fun, but they won’t be as foamy and bubbly without the SLS/SLSA.

  • soapqueentv says:

    Hi! If you search the Soap Queen blog, you will find a couple of different recipes for whipped soaps. =)

  • CraftyGirl485 says:

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS is safe. It is in everything from soap to shampoo and conditioner. It can be toxic if you use too much or swallow it or inhale it or anything like that. It is safe and it can be even used in skincare products and usually is. I hope this helped and good luck (if you make it (:)

  • BlackValleyRequiem says:

    I know you’ve likely answered this before but is sodium lauryl sulfate safe? When i googled it to see where too buy it all i can see are websites talking about it being toxic…


    I have a question.I’ve been wanting to make whipped soap, is there a recipe or a video for that soapqueen?

  • soapqueentv says:

    So to sum, the sugar-yeast connection comes with ingestion primarily, and bathing is a brief experience that does not introduce much water into the vaginal cavity.Of course, definitely check with your doctor if you are concerned at all about making, using or selling products with sugar in them. And, if you come up with a frosting option that’s better than this one, please share it!

  • soapqueentv says:

    Re: Sugar

    The sugar-yeast infection concern is one that has been bandied about a lot over the years. But, upon further research, which included talking to a OBGYN, I found a different answer.
    Excess amounts of sugar, when eaten, spike blood sugar. Excess blood sugar has been linked to yeast infections, especially in diabetics or those with glucose intolerances. Ingesting a product is different than bathing in it.

  • jbernice58 says:

    um.. can i use food colouring because i’m worried i might stain me or my tub

  • zeldasaromatics says:

    it is very helpful , its easy to follow…thanks

  • honeyglitter1 says:

    I can’t get meringue powder, is there another easy alternative? :) please reply!

  • soapqueentv says:

    Thank you so much! =)

  • soapqueentv says:

    Hi @lilyfloweranime.

    The cupcake wrapper is just for packaging and looks, so you can take it off as soon as you are ready to take it in the tub! If your cupcake is fizzing before it gets in the water, it might be because it has too much liquid in it or your humidity is a bit high. The best way to fix that is to use non-water based colorants and work in the driest place you can find. I’ve even heard of people putting their fizzies in a box with silica packets (comes in packaging).

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