How to Garden Pickling Cucumbers : Cucumber Gardening

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Pickling cucumbers are a very specific variety and are small enough to fit in a jar. Learn how to garden pickling cucumbers with help from a board member of the Ocean View Farms Organic Community Garden in this free video clip. Expert: Christy Wilhelmi Contact: Bio: Christy Wilhelmi is founder of She is a board member of the Ocean View Farms Organic Community Garden in Mar Vista, California. Filmmaker: Christy Wilhelmi Series Description: Cucumbers make wonderful, hearty, and most importantly, healthy additions to any home garden. Learn about the ins and outs of cucumber gardening with help from a board member of the Ocean View Farms Organic Community Garden in this free video series.
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Unrealistic Gardening Expectations

Grab a cup of coffee or soda or glass of juice and join me in my indoor wonderland of green where I explain how to achieve realistic gardening expectations as well as show some more tips on successfully growing various organic vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, bush beans…and even potatoes! I’m having a great day today, but it’ll be even better if I could get you to take a few minutes to hang out with me. It’s always funner when you drop in. :) ps: I promise not to throw potting soil this time, ok? Backyardhomesteader: Help Feed hungry families: Randy and Amanda Give and Get Seeds!: Contest Sponsor!:

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  • superslyfoxx1 says:

    Hi! I have a question about bush beans. I have some started and they are already flowering but I am afraid I have then in too small of a container. I was thinking of tranplanting them (in a larger container) I may make a video for you to see. I made my first video and posted it yesterday. Gardening is fun.

  • Warndog9 says:

    Oh and thank you so much for your videos. It’s not the same ol stuff you see everywhere. an even bigger thanks for your tips on UBER pruning your peppers, so far thats working incredibly well for me, they look much better than the ones i just let go. but the proof is in the harvesting, we shall see!

  • Warndog9 says:

    You summed it up really well. This is my first grow year and I’ve been studying for the past year n planning. I thought I had it all figured out, that I’d go through with little to no probs… boy was I wrong. I’ve been having problems out the butthole lol. But I haven’t lost any plants yet so I guess that’s good and I know I’ll be far better prepared for next year.

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    I only grow a few herbs but they’re outside in the raised beds. I need the indoor space for the tropical weirdness I have gotten myself into lately. lol

    ps: I messaged my mailing info to you. Thanks! :)

  • edicatdigit says:

    I’m totally for growing potatoes, having spent some time in Idaho. Hey Ray, are you familiar with Strawberry Spinach? It’s a plant that you eat the leaves like spinach, and it has pretty red berries you eat like…uh, berries. I have a few seeds I could send you, if you think you’d like to grow it. Do you grow any herbs like basil indoors? Or are you more plants and veg? I’ve already watched lots of vids, but you have MORE than a lot! (NOT complaining!) Let me know on the spinach seeds.

  • Swansen03 says:

    just as a recommendation, try Jerusalem artichokes(sunchokes) as an alternative to potatoes. zero maintenance plant yet their tubers are more nutritious than potatoes.

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    Fungua gants are easily controilled with Neem for a soil drench to kill their larvae along with a pyrethrin spray to kill the adults on contact. Both treatments are natural, harmless to plants as well as people. Not a single gnat survived this two fisted punch. :)

  • 1shadowification says:

    don’t you ever have gnat problem with your indoor plants? if yes, what you do to get rid of them?

  • skimenneske says:

    try and put up some chilled out and slow, background music.. that would be sooo good :) plants love jazz..

  • aahhhyess says:

    What an enjoyable approach. You are encouraging & share cool plants. Thank you!

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    You can do it. You won’t get as many potatoes as if you grew them outdoors but it would be fun to have taters growing indoors. Give them the sunniest window you can and go for it! :)

  • porscheleenj says:

    Do you think its still possible to grow them indoors assuming that I keep them by a window?

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