How to Draw Manga Eyes, 4 Different Ways

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  • JackieGX3 says:

    My friend is killing me with her talk about how she’s improving so much!! Im just like Mark Crilley.. Im sort of upset because she KNOWS that I can’t afford the book, and she’s copying pretty much every “new” (not any more) idea I’ve had for my own drawing. Thanks for letting me reply to you in a rant. >.<

  • Hueycendee Reboya says:

    The last eye is the cutest. :”>

  • Blk1Str says:

    Thanks to you I now can make my own manga comic I will never be as good as any of the pros but i can try

  • Antonio Fernandez Carrierio says:

    Thanks to you dude, that I had learn some usefull tips to drawing now! I hope you can be my teacher…anyway your drawing it’s awasowe dude!

  • DoeVLengXK says:

    I always draw anime when I was 8 years old then when I watched this video when I was 9 years old i realized that I draw the eyes wrong.Now I’m 10 years old

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