How to crochet: lesson 1

This is my first ever tutorial placed on You Tube. I now have newer clearer videos available. I decided to leave these old videos on here because they are still being used by hundreds of people. I know the picture is poor quality. The actual tension and creating the stitches start at the3:00 mark. This is Part one for beginners The Bethintx method. knotless chain.
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  • esme1776 says:

    I think your talking was important because this video is meant for beginners and beginners need good guidance. Too many people telling you to shut up. Well, I think they should shut up themselves.One person leaves a rude comment and everyone follows suit! Seems like rudeness is a contagious thing too!!!

  • Bethintx1 says:

    Thanks for your comment. I realize that I talked way too much in this video! Check out the description and the link in the annotation for newer improved videos.

  • Bethintx1 says:

    Maybe if you read the description of the video and follow the annotations, you would know that this was my first video from 5 years ago and now I’m doing much better videos and have thousands of subscribers.

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