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How to start making a blanket-this is my aunt showing me how to start crocheting This received a lot of popularity I made a blog for my aunt to answer your questions… you can see it here:
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  • ajbaker617 says:

    THANK YOU. I never thought I would be able to learn. My mom passed away recently and left me an afghan but it’s not finished. Now I will be able to finish it! THANK YOU!

  • selenamun09 says:

    lol i was just about to give up :(
    but i saw this video, and this seriously was the most helpful video!
    thankss :)

  • magikmakeup says:

    Way to go Auntie! Simple and to the point, I’ve looked through so many videos and yours was the most helpful!! Thanks!

  • toya2662 says:

    this is was very good very good explanation and demonstration … i got it done on the first try

  • nataliathespy says:

    Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for true beginner instructions/visuals–this helped me so much more than what I was “trying” to work from!! Thanks for teaching me!! ;)

  • hannahfoster7 says:

    I have been through so many ‘learn how to crochet’ videos today and this one made was by far the best! I was getting so stressed out and this video of normal people enjoying learning calmed me down and helped me loads! Thanks

  • alerislib says:

    im still a little confused about how to get onto the next row… but this was fantastic!! i am now going to wait for my mum to get home to show off =P and also get her to help me move to the next row!!
    Grandma’s Always know best!! thank you so so much… really made my day!!! I CAN ACTUALLY CROCHET!!!!

  • rmpbklyn says:

    great, was looking for very beginners video and this fit the bill!!!!

  • coralaisly says:

    you can get them most places that sell yarn. michaels, joanne’s etc, or you can order them online. (i don’t know if you know, but the yarn package will most likely let you know what size hook to get) happy yarnworking :)

  • elysamh says:

    Thank you for this video! Very helpful and hopefully I can make a good strap for the purse I used a loom to crochet. I also like how you have a very “real-life” video. Kids and toys going off is how I’ll be crocheting, too lol :)

  • 1AndOnlyGreenFairy says:

    This was the best video … I went through so many today and although they all were titled for “Beginners” they never explained how to get to the next row etc. Thank you for making this so simple now.

  • kingjeste says:

    Thanks. Great post..I’ve been wanting to start crocheting again.since the last time i made anything was when i was in the 5 or 6th grade.. some 20yrs ago.. hehe. anyways.i learn better with vision than pictures in some book.. Thanks again..

  • Raviekins says:

    This is awesome. Thank you to you and your aunt. I have never crochet before and I was trying and trying to understand the stitches, but this is the only video that actually clarified it properly. Thanks again! Huge help! I now have some nice warm, winter gloves. ♥

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