How much is a 1967 Mustang worth?

Question by : How much is a 1967 Mustang worth?
My boyfriend has always wanted one and I was just wondering about how much a running one would be worth, so I know what to expect and am not ripped off. Thanks all!

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Answer by Micheal C
If you get a 6 cylinder car expect to pay 3000 to 5000 dollars for a decent car that should be good for taking out on weekends or driving everyday. The V8 will cost more. It depends on the trim level and engine. Some will cost 4000 to 7000 dollars. A good GT will probably cost at least 10000 dollars. All of the Shelby cars will be more than 25000 dollars with some reaching 200000 dollars.

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  • MUSTANG_MIKE says:

    a fastback like they made Eleanor out of will cost over $ 15k..

  • Greg says:

    notchbacks can be anywhere from 4,000-7,000. fastbacks can be 15,000+.

  • raleigh says:

    With very little rust and in decent running shape, at least $ 2000. Show quality, depending on the options, and where you are, minimum $ 6000 up to 20k or more for something really rare.

  • dipace says:

    on the condition. If its mint/stock and runs fabulous probaly around 6500$ if its mint, runs and really fixed up(new motor/wheels etc) 12,000
    You can probaly find a fixer upper for around 4500-5 grand buts its rare.
    I grew up around mustangs and my first car was a 64 1/2 mustang. The actual demonstrator car for the 1965 mustang. I bought it in 1976 for 500$ and sold it in 1983 for 9400$ and it was stock and ran great..but NO frills

  • stangace20 says:

    Buying any car is too complex a problem that a general question/estimate will be able to cover all variables that affect how much a car is worth. Plus if you don’t know anything about mustangs or cars in general you’re a lot more likely to get screwed over.

    So I really don’t think it’s a good idea you buy something like a car for him. It’s a nice idea but a few reasons why not to, come to mind.

    One cause he’s just your BF (and a car is major $ $ $ $ $ ), two if you get sold a lemon or something he’s the one that ends up paying for it, three can he afford to restore one if you get a beater? And finally speaking as a guy, a car is really just one of those things guys would rather buy themselves so we get exactly what we want

  • Lorna says:

    depends on the condition. Mustangs had pretty thin and easily rusted bodies, plus lots of easily dented trim and chrome doodads. A Mustang that’s unrestored or sloppily restored isn’t worth much.

    I’d suggest you NOT choose a car for him. It would be like him choosing a dress that you’d wear all the time. To large a chance for error.

  • Daffodil says:

    The value depends on many factors such as whether it is a one of the special models… like a GT, Shelby, etc. Fastbacks and Convertibles go for more… coupes for a bit less. A performance V8 for more than a six cylinder. Anywhere from $ 1500 for a junker that can be restored for about an additional 5K in parts. To a fully restored 1967 Shelby GT500 concourse restoration… about $ 500K. Look at Barrett-Jackson to see what these cars have gone for fully restored in recent history. Mustang clubs are good place to look for deals but lots of folks with unrestored cars that may be junk that are asking loads of money so get someone from a local Mustang club to help you find one and price it.

    There is a 1967 Mustang Convertible sitting down the street with a cover on it and a “4 Sale” sign and phone. I stopped to look at it thinking that since I have one already it would be nice to get one for my son. It was full of junk… parts… most of them there I think but corroded and a ground up restoration for sure. I looked at it from the side and it is very rusty… the car is almost snapped in two with the front frame extensions broken from rust (a huge job… almost replacing a full half of the car). The guy said he wanted $ 27,500 for it. I was flabbergasted… I said, “Way out of my budget… I was looking for a project… not a finished restoration…”. Of course it wasn’t finished… but I wanted him to get the point.

    There are concourse restorations (cars that are retored to orginal show-room look)… these have matching numbers on the enging, frame, tranny, etc.. and if the vehicle codes say the color was Acapulca Blue than they are painted that way… duplicated down to the original chalk marks and overspray. These cars… when a special car like a GT, Shelby, etc have the most value and are out of reach for most people sometimes going for a half a million dollars! They can’t be driven on the street… are trailer queens (unsafe old technology… and too much risk… to car and occupant).

    There are replicars… these are replica cars usually done from a new Unibody ( makes a 1967 Fastback Unibody now so you could buy the car made new now… replicars are also done from existing old cars and maybe a regular Mustang made into a Shelby or something. The “Clones” are made to be exactly like an original Shelby (or other) down to the last bolt. There are some cosmetic replicars though that have Shelby fiberglass hanging from them and at a glance look like the originals but inside are low performance simple Mustangs. I remember a rally race a few years ago and this guy got pulled over for speeding in this Ferrari but the cop noticed his registration said VW… or something… what a gag… a low cost replicar that cosmetically looked like a Ferrari but had none of the substance or performance.

    There are also one off cars and one off concept cars (retro concept cars) that are redesigned Mustangs that are meant to be driven and have leading edge modern technology like disc brakes, modular engines, fuel injection systems, etc. These cars are often made to look like a Shelby or other and actually far out perform those old cars.

    All depends what you are interested in….

    Original Special…. 80K to 250K (Shelby, etc)
    67 Coupe 6 clyinder 20K retored (I just bought a 66 Coupe for $ 1500 unrestored)

    I own a 1967 Mustang Convertible and retore them.

  • cekniks says:

    about 50,000

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