how much is a 1965 barracuda car worth?

Question by Tae: how much is a 1965 barracuda car worth?

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Answer by CJ
That is a pretty generic question. More needs to be known. Is it rusty? Is it a salvage title? Is it mechanically sound? The only way to accurately tell what a car is worth is to have an appriasal. There are interent appriasal calculators, however that never substitutes for a keen, experienced eye who has done it for years. There are classic car appriasal services, but it will cost some money. I guess it all depends on which position you hold. Are you a seller? A buyer? A restorer? As a seller, you want to promote the best price, as a buyer you want to use the flaws in the car to bargain down. As a restorer you will bicker and bicker lower and lower and my offend the seller because you know the most part of your cost is going to be replacement parts and restoration.
The Kelly Blue Book has a valuation calculator, The “N.A.D.A black book ” is what used car dealers use to help them price cars for trade ins and you can buy those at any leading “Brick and mortar” book store like Barnes and Noble or you can go to Amazon.
Take it from someone who loves Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler cars, you are going to be dealing with some rust unless it is an Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico or Colorado car. Rust should be on the surface only. If the rust has eaten through the critical points of the car, you are asking for some serious nightmares down the road. The other thing is the mechanicals, the electric. I love old cars, but if this one had a lot of costs coming up, you may want to pass unless you have a wad of money and a very good bodyman and mechanic and a decent parts store around. Check those resources out and as a seller you will have a good idea what you should sell for, as a buyer what you should avoid and as a restorer “is this worth the restoration?”. Good luck.

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