How do you “unfuse” the chrome top from an antique salt shaker?

Question by Elsie: How do you “unfuse” the chrome top from an antique salt shaker?
I tried to find an “antiques & collectibles” part of Y!A, but couldn’t, so I thought this was the closest place where someone might have an answer.
I inherited some antique crystal from my husband’s family (or rather my stepdaughter did, and I am keeping for her until she has a “proper” dining room).

Part of the set is a Fostoria etched crystal salt & pepper set with a chrome top. My mother in law stored them with the salt still in the shaker, and if you know anything about how corosive salt is, that’s pretty much a death sentance to metal. The top of the salt shaker it “fused” to the crystal. I had this happen to my Princess House crystal salt shaker, & ended up breaking the crystal trying to get the top off.

Even if I ended up breaking the chrome top, I think I could have it restored or get a reproduction of it, whereas I would have to replace the entire set if I break the crystal. Does anyone know if there is anything I can use to remove the top without damaging the glass.

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Answer by rocky
Run the chrome top under very hot water. The heat will expand the metal while not affecting the glass. It should come off with a few turns.

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