How do you make a chibi

Question by kristen: How do you make a chibi?

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Answer by Taryn
I’ve gotta say, the best way I myself learned was with youtube, mostly with the help of someone named “Mark Crilley”, he shows many step by step procceses. But the major parts are the height, (so the character should most likely be about 2-3 of their own heads tall) and the anatomy. The anatomy on normal anime/manga characters are normal, with hands the right size, necks looking how they should, ect. But for Chibis, their anatomy for the majority of the time is different, their hands can simply look like gloves somtimes, their feet may not have any toes, their bodies could be very skinny, and even their eyes could be quite large on their face. But, it would be easier to simply go on youtube and watch some od the Mark Crilley videos, on them, you’ll also see that the chibis emotions are very noticable!

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