How do scrapbooking “brads” work?

Question by D: How do scrapbooking “brads” work?
The ones that somehow go through the page. Do you need a special tool to insert these?

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Answer by starrwoode
use a hole punch, or even a large needle to make a hole that you can put the brad through, you can buy a hole punch that you use your little hammer on so you can punch even in the middle of a page but you can also use a large needle to get a hole started.

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  • Dr. PHILlis (in training) says:

    Okay, I think you’re talking about eyelets. Eyelets are the ones that is metal and looks like a circle. If you’re talking about those, yes you do need a few things: a setting mat, an instrument to punch the holes, and a hammer. You can purchase these in any arts and craft stores, and they are in the scrapbooking section along with the brads and eyelets.

    Now brads are the accents that have a bendable tail that folds on the back of the cardstock. Now those are way easier to deal with because you can do it without a paper piercer, but it’s better to do it so you won’t mess it up so easily. Now if you’re doing a layer or two of cardstock or vellum, and you want to use eyelets, you should use a paper piercer.
    Hope that helps.

  • Mabo says:

    Brads are the metal “buttons” or other shapes that have 2 prongs sticking straight out from the back.

    Punch a hole through the paper(s) where you want the brad. Try to make the hole as small as possible while still accomodating the width of the prongs.

    Now stick the prongs through, and separate them, bending them away from each other flat against the back of the paper.

    If you are talking about eyelets (small round “doughnuts” of metal), then yes, you need a special tool to set them into paper. There are quite a variety of tools out there that will get the job done, your local craft store or scrapbooking store will have them. They may even have someone who will show you how to use them.

    Essentially, you need one tool to punch a hole the same size as the eyelet. Then you put the eyelet in the hole, and flip the paper over. A second tool is inserted into the back of the eyelet, and when pressure is applied (sometimes by using a hammer), it forces the eyelet to flatten and split, making the back too large to fall out of the paper.

  • Susan B says:

    For brads, you can either use a 1/16 hole punch if it’s close to the edge, or you can use a paper piercer. Now I am CHEAP so I use a push pin (you know those things you use to put stuff on bulletin board). It works great and goes through multiple sheets of paper/cardstock. I keep it in a little box with my other tools. It’s small and basically free, because who doesn’t have at least one in their house.

    Now eyelets are a different story. I used to buy all kinds of brads, but I hated having to HAMMER them down, because then I couldn’t do my thing after the kids went to bed (and of course didn’t have time while they were awake). Now I ONLY use Stampin Up eyelets. You can punch a hole with your 1/8 punch, put in the eyelet, and then use the 1/6 punch to squish the brad down to set it. Stampin up eyelets are made of aluminum instead of steels, so they squish easy and you don’t have to use a hammer. I know there is a silent eyelet setter out there, but of course I already mentioned I am cheap, so I use the silent method using the Stampin Up eyelets.

    One last tip about brads, don’t place them too close to the edge of a paper because then the brad “legs” stick out. I love brads. has a great selection.

    Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!

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