How do mechanics professionally fix a car dent?

Question by Dan: How do mechanics professionally fix a car dent?
I want to become a mechanic, and it came across my mind how do they fix a dent properly?

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Answer by your daddy
by denting the dent the opposite way. and if nedded adding some type of hardner than sanding it to smooth it out than finnaly painting it and then RIPPING you a hole in your wallet…

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  • Lester says:

    Mechanics don’t usually fix dents. I have been known to pull them straighter to get them away from a tire or to get the door open. But bodywork is another art altogether and no one really has the time to learn both trades. There are so many parts out there now if it’s a fender crease it’s cheaper to change the fender. Good bodyperson can grind dents out. Or weld a new panel in. Make it look like new.

  • Kaos says:

    they pop out the dent as best as they can then use bondo and a special sanding tool to keep the same body curvature prior to the dent then a coat of primer some paint and a clear coat

  • Two Lane. says:

    Fixing dent’s is a whole different profession than what mechanics do. That’s why they have Body shops.

  • Krashtest Dumby says:

    Although there are exceptions, mechanics aren’t usually body-work people. For an exception, watch “American Restoration” on the History channel.

    A good mechanic and/or body-work person will learn on their own, take vocational classes in high school, perhaps go on to a professional school, get hired by a local shop, and gain experience until they’re known as “good.”

    Knowledge comes from experience. Experience comes from making mistakes. Thomas Edison didn’t have thousands of failures before he perfected the light bulb – he learned thousands of ways to NOT make a light bulb, until he gained enough experience to succeed!

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