How do I make “foamy” liquid soap?

Question by bammieof6: How do I make “foamy” liquid soap?
someone told me how and I lost the directions

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Answer by imadriana
You just need liquid soap, water and a special foaming dispenser. I like to add my own scents, so I buy all the stuff here:

Prices are reasonable, products are great. Last I checked, the foaming dispensers cost about $ 1.75 each, including shipping. I use the Liquid Goat’s Milk Soap, fortified with silk. A gallon of the goat’s milk soap cost me just under $ 30.00, including shipping. I could have just used Soft Soap that you can get at Sam’s for around $ 10.00, but I wash my hands so much that I needed something really gentle.

No matter what type of dispenser you use, you usually have to add water. Liquid soap is too thick to produce foam on its own. How much water you end up having to add is going to depend on how thick your soap is and the type of foamy dispenser you use. Just experiment.

Start out with 3 parts soap to one part water. Gently stir to mix then put in container and try it. If you don’t think enough foam is being produced, if it still seems too thick, dump the stuff back in the bowl and add more water. Repeat the steps until you have the perfect foam.

Please note: if you end up using Soft Soap brand liquid soap, start out with less water!

Foaming dispensers are great. Because you add water to the soap, you end up with less waste and your liquid soap lasts much longer.

BTW, I think I saw foamy dispensers at Walmart. If you can’t find them anywhere, do try Brambleberry. I’ve been ordering supplies from them for years. Have never had a bad product, shipping costs are reasonable and there is no minimum to buy. Their customer service department is great, too.

Good luck!

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