how can i draw better anime

Question by zombie pals and their pet wolf: how can i draw better anime?
i can draw things that are kinda good in macromedia flash pro 8 but in hand it’s really hard help please!!!

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Answer by Wendy Lautner
Watch, “how to draw anime” tutorials on youtube!

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  • purpleice says:

    go on youtube, and type in “mark crilley.”

    he is a professional manga/anime artist and he is the BEST

    i learned a lot from him and personally, i used to SUCK at drawing… until him of course.

  • Leila says:

    there are too many questions like this on yahoo answers, each one seeking some sort of miracle impossibly different than all the rest.
    the all-too-common, disappointing, time-consuming, but very (very) effective answer: PRACTICE.
    any skill is an investment, not a lottery prize.
    now, i’m not accusing you or anyone of anything, but… just sayin’.

    tutorials are a good idea, as well. buy some books and quality art supplies, if you wish.
    i started really young; had absolutely no material besides my imagivation, pencil, and paper; and practiced all the time. i didn’t even know i was so good at it, and i had no support, because no one knew, and i loved it so much that i didn’t really care about other people’s opinions. now that i’m more public, i realize that it is both a gift and a wonderful result of the investment i made.

    you can make it too! work at it, okay! good luck <3

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