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If you are a flyfisherman at heart, then you will know that as much as we would like to spend all of our days out there on the water, taking in the vast scenic beauty and allow ing the moments to infuse into our very being, it is not really possible to do so (at least, not for most of us) – there is a reality in the pace of Life that takes us away from the water for large periods of time. Somehow though, flyfishing and the thought of being out there, rod in hand, never quite leaves us. Fly tying is a wonderful hobby, in that it feeds our passion for the sport of flyfishing and keeps us engaged in times when we are away from the water.

Not only that, but it is also a hobby that you can take right to the water with you – I know of many a flyfisherman that will spend time at the water’s edge on arrival, inspecting the hatch of the moment, and then tying the most appropriate pattern to suit the day’s (or just the next hour’s) fishing.

That’s the uniqueness of this hobby – once you start it, you simply will never want to stop. And there is no need  to ever stop learning – here is a hobby that is so closely linked to Nature & Life that is is forever changing, and as the Flytyer, you need to adapt with this, always learning, always exploring, always sharing…

There are a few elements to “sharing” that I find particularly alluring with this Hobby.  Firstly, it is a wonderfully engaging subject on which to share your thoughts, experiences and passions with your fellow flyfishermen and like-minded flytyers.  This may be at the water’s edge, or in a local flytyer’s club. And, as much as the personal engagement of a local flytyer club is a great way to grow friendships and social circles, the dawn of the Digital Age has also brought with it a tremendous extention of this social framework – not only is there now so much information out there on the internet on the subject of fly tying, but more to the point, there are also Fly Tying Forums, that have been set up and that are there to help you learn from, and share with, other like-minded flyfishers from across the world – the very best of these Fly Tying Forums, I have review ed here.  My final point on sharing, is the sharing that you can do with your children through Fly Tying – there is nothing quite so rewarding, as building deep relationships with your son or daughter – preceded, of course, with seeding their passion for the sport of flyfishing by spending time together at the water’s edge – and then underpinned and strengthened through the learning experience of fly tying and everything that goes with it – let’s face it – Children just love bugs and creepy crawlies of all sorts…

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