Hawaiian Tropical Flowers Floral Design with Phil Rulloda

Hawaiian Tropical Flowers Floral Design with Phil Rulloda

America’s most award-winning floral designer, Phil Rulloda, demonstrates how to make a contemporary flower arrangement with tropical flowers from Hawaii. Floral design demonstration.

www.howdini.com You dont have to spend a fortune to make a beautiful bouquet. Supermarket flowers can make a sophisticated arrangement if you follow a few simple rules. Floral designer Rebecca Cole shares the tips youll need to make a bouquet that looks like a million dollars.
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  • gorgana5 says:

    you have done an excellent design you are brilliant thank you

  • gorgana5 says:

    really knowledgable thank you

  • MakeoverSessions says:

    So beautiful. Thank you.

  • maloni says:

    Alooooooha!! You are truly an artist and a master of flower arranging!! Thank you for sharing with the public, I am definitely making one like this for my father’s grave tomorrow on Memorial Day!! Aloha and a hui hou……….God Bless!!


  • bethnca says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Such fun to watch him create!

    Beth :~)

  • Tracypieface says:

    Wonderful video, of a lovely design. It’s great to watch someone, who just knows exactly where to place each flower! Only from a true artist.

  • dpl7553 says:

    Thank you for sharing the design technique of this beautiful arrangement using magnificent flowers.

  • hlmac says:

    What beautiful and fast work! I enjoyed watching Phil at work and it gave me great inspiration!!

  • silentj624 says:

    not everyone can afford something expensive. a cost effective alternative is always nice to have.

  • luvlipstickkisses says:

    Some of us don’t want to buy from a florist because we want to make our own arrangements. But in my area there are no places to flowers except the grocery store or a florist. No flower markets like some areas have. One booth in one of the flea markets have some fresh flowers but I wouldn’t give them ten cents for the whole lot of them. Not in good shape

  • camrytoyota808 says:

    you should never cut your stems at one time right before you put them into a vase. gerber daisies should be wired and taped. this prevents the gerber from drooping or rotting in the long run. your flowers, particularly the hanging gerber, should never face south. rule of thumb! the overall arrangements looks absolutely hideous, rushed and not professionally done. its ugly!

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