Growing Basil

It’s the most popular garden herb, easy to grow, and comes in an incredible selection of colors, shapes and flavors.
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Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening

If you’ve ever wanted to know just what raised bed gardening is then this is the place to start.
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Burpee Gardening

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  • ValyTraveler says:

    Every year I buy basil and every year it dies… I went to the nursery where I bought it and told them what I was doing and I was told that I was doing it right… I’ve tried different soils, well drained soils, soils with miracle grow, soils with manure…I’ve tried different pots from fancy to clay to old coffee tins…I’ve put them in full sun, I water when needed and yet – they die…Everything else I plant lives – oh the mint dies out too… What am I doing wrong???

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