Fly Tying Lesson – Clouser Minnow

Fly Tying Lesson - Clouser Minnow Jared Ehlers of demonstrates tying a well-known pattern, The Clouser Minnow. Originated by Bob Clouser, this pattern can be used for just about everything that swims and tied in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

Fly Tying Lesson 2 for Beginners. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. In this fly tying tutorial Dave demonstrates a ‘Diawl Bach’ known as a ‘Little Devil’.

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  • idahomountainelk says:

    Nice job. I like pink and white with pearl flash for clear water and copper flash for stained water for sea trout and idaho steelhead. Sometimes I tie in some elk hair.

  • T.J. Mckern says:

    Use this for a popper dropper for bass and crappie and a lot of different species

  • MrDragonzSlayer says:

    Hi. For muddy/murky waters what color of bucktail would u recommend? And also if we fish on morning what colors?

  • theflyfishers says:

    I’m sure there are some creative ways like that to make some dumbbell eyes, how they will hold up or how consistent they will be may be an issue. If there isn’t anybody in your area to get them, we can have them shipped right to your doorstep. The painted eyes are only $2.50 per pack.

    Thanks for watching!

  • xhenchmanx says:

    Could I use lead wire, and some 50 pound mono melted, then formed into eyes? The closest place to get lead dumbbell eyes is nearly a 50 mile round trip…

  • PoppinGamerBoi16 says:

    thanks a lot for the tutorial! it was really helpful for tying my first one just now!

  • FlakRaggare says:


  • Peterbilt500 says:

    Great work my man. I’m gettin in to fly tying soon, and I will take your techniques into consideration. Tight lines and bent rods. :D

  • AndreasLindbeck says:

    well done perfect fly for seatrout here in norway! (i live in norway)

  • theflyfishers says:

    There is no real “right or wrong” place to tie the eyes in. The farther forward they are the more the fly will nose dive and act like a jig (which is what makes this such a great fly, most you see are like this). Farther back towards the hook bend will give you a more level drop.

  • sniperfreak223 says:

    your eyes look a little too far forward…the original pattern has the eyes further back, almost at the halfway point on a stinger-type hook.

  • theflyfishers says:

    Yes, the eyes are tied on the top (what’s done in the video) so that it rolls the fly over and has the hook ride up. If you tie the eyes on the bottom (opposite of the video) then more often than not it will ride hook down.

  • snakewrangler5 says:

    If you tie the eyes on the bottom will the hook be on the bottom

  • BrennanBanks says:

    green and white….good to.

  • theflyfishers says:

    It’s pretty tough to beat the purple/white or silver color there. Alot of shiners and things like that in places like you’re talking about give off those purple hues. Chartreuse/White and Green/Tan as baby bass can be pretty effective too.

  • cody mcduffie says:

    what color combinations would you recommend for large mouth in small ponds and small lakes.

  • ImBentley says:

    I went to my near by crafts store (micheals) today and they had a whole selection of feathers and what not. Go to a nearby craftstore by where you live and youd be suprised by how many “fly tying materials” they have. Or just buy them off line.

  • ImBentley says:

    Great vids! Keep up the good work!

  • Micheal Lyons says:

    Hi Dave,
    Can you please tell me where you got the brown hackle and the peacock hurl?could you please respond.
    (Great video by the way)

  • marrbill says:

    Top class tying instructions, been trying to tie flies from a book, i’ve invented some new fly patterns trying to tie traditional flies, hopefully with your video instructions i can now do the proper flies that i’m actually wanting to tie. thanx topflyman.

  • GoultyUK1 says:

    thanks very much i have tied my first three flies thanks to your videos!

  • huntmaster201 says:

    Great videos, great teacher, good flies and good clarity. 100% Awesomeness!

  • jakthelad7 says:

    haha ill never buy a fly again, these lessons are brilliant. thanx again.

  • garryw1965 says:

    Thank you and your team for putting these lessons on Youtube. Its ok reading books about it but you can’t beat some one showing you. Thanks Again….

  • ferrot24 says:

    hi I am 11 and I wouder if you coud show me how to tie a march fil

  • sawyer7271 says:

    You really make this look easy… Thanks for the great video!

  • MegaBoneDoc says:

    Dear Dave,

    Thanks. I am just getting started and you have taught me a lot already. I think that I will really enjoy this.


  • PhilipYeung123 says:

    what season is this fly good for? :)

  • momoko0100 says:

    hi thanx alot 4 this video , it help me alot.

  • Sealpro2010 says:

    Very clear, and more importantly, concise.

  • Phantomg23 says:

    Hey dave you should make a dvd and sell them. All videos are great

  • Phantomg23 says:

    Hi dave,
    I am 12 years old and love fly tying i started out two years ago. All your videos are very informative. Thanks

  • Carroll49 says:

    Thank you for the lesson.

  • SausageHeadz says:

    thanks for the great videos David. very much inspiring me to start tying my own flies, great way to relax.

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