Flower arranging: How to arrange flowers like a pro

www.howdini.com Flower arranging: How to arrange flowers like a pro You can make a beautiful, perfectly shaped flower arrangement without floral tape or foam. Designer Rebecca Cole shows how to make a grid using just the greens and flowers themselves to create a gorgeous natural arrangement…

Flower Arranging

Featuring LearnVest’s Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing (and in-house flower expert) Ainslie Simmonds Edited and Produced by Gabrielle Karol
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  • cacallalily88 says:

    Thank you for sharing your technique.

  • Willow Hart says:

    Its also helpful to cut the stem under water, preventing air exposure which can inhibit absorption. This’ll help the plant to survive. ^-^

  • Willow Hart says:

    Putting in a pinch of sugar works just as well. The acid from lemonade can sometimes end up damaging the flowers. :)

  • unclerickman says:

    It is called “gridding” your container. You dont always have to use odd numbers, especially in more contemporary designs. Always cut stems at a slant for best absorption of water. Those roses may have 2 days left on them. They are blown completely open. If you want roses to last, the tighter they are the better, they will open on their own.

  • TheFrizzyfreak says:

    If you put a bit of lemonaid in the water it makes the flowers last even longer. :)

  • iampeeay01 says:

    I love how the way you arranged the flowers… thanks so much for the ideas. blessings to you.

  • dangeraaron1987 says:

    Wow…. I love this….. it has totally changed my life!!!

  • CatBeWitched says:

    Love the video and use of flowers and greenery. I think the arrangement looks a tad flat though and some additional height in the middle would have made it pop more.

  • lina8159 says:

    if you know what your doing you can make them last two weeks if you wanted just pull them out and re cut the stems on a slant and they last great =D change the water regular also, everyday is best.

  • Zennie371 says:

    I love Love your flower arranging Tutorials. You make it so easy for beginners.

  • natwlsn says:

    I like your videos, they are made for everyone to learn from them, particularly beginners. I believe that in flower arranging, like art…. there are no rules!!! You go with what works for each vase you are working on. People who follow strict rules are limiting themselves …. thank you for sharing your techniques, I love to see how different people work.

  • RUFostering says:

    This is one of the best over all flower arranging videos that I have seen. Good video and audio quality, good tips, good, appropriately clothed host, good set…. good everything gives a total “great” video experience. There are many crap how-to-flower videos out here on the internet. Good job folks!

  • Grizeldann says:

    This technique is called Lacing, and looks fantastic with very long tall airy arrangements, rather than short squat deformed things in which the container looks like a bathtub.

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