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flowerarranging101.tv I show you how to make a large fresh carnation flower pomander using green carnation and an 8″ fresh flower foam ball as the base. You can see the full version of the video at my website above. Rate it & Subscribe for weekly videos.
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  • PrEtTyInPuNk818 says:

    About how many roses do you think it will take to cover a 6 inch ball? a small portion of the bottom of the ball will be cut so the ball will lay flat on a candleholder.

  • Angie Zimmerman says:

    There are a couple of things you can do…1) make sure and use a pillar candle stick as opposed to a tapered candle stick…the pillar candle will be a wider base to sit on and 2) you can leave flowers off the bottom/base where it will sit on the candle stick….this in effect makes the pomander hug the base with the flowers. 3) You can also hot glue or use floral clay to secure a floral pedestal to the candle stick base and then sit your pomander on the pronged base.

  • Angie Zimmerman says:

    Hi, if you make this pomander in a wet floral foam it will be fine a day in advance…it is ALWAYS best if you can refrigerate it, but one day will not make a difference with the wet floral foam. If, you make this in styrofoam I would not recommend making it a day in advance unless you can definitely refrigerate it. If making in styrofoam, spray it with finishing spray or water, put it in a plastic bag to hold the moisture in and refrigerate it.

  • hannarillo says:

    Hello i have a quick question.. This looks very simple pretty n easy to do for a party certerpiece but can i do it a day in advance? Would the flowers go bad? Is there any way i can keep this arrangement fresh n alive? Please let me know thank u!

  • Angie Zimmerman says:

    Hi, it will leak initially, while you are putting it together…each time you stick a flower into the foam it displaces water in the foam…it will stop in a very short amount of time….typically you would just sit it on top of the vase…kind of depends on your vase….make sure the vase opening is big enough to support the size pomander you are making….if your vase is not clear, you can actually leave a small section unfinished…the section that will sit on top of the vase.

  • Angie Zimmerman says:

    I wrapped the tape around the floral foam ball to give it stability…if you don’t do that (or something else) they can crack and break. I’ve had the four inch size floral foam ball do that to me, so now I don’t take any chances….you can see the full version of the video at my site: flowerarranging101.tv…what get’s posted here is a teaser video, the video is too long to put here otherwise.

  • AveIvy says:

    This was soooooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips.

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