Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements add instant beauty to any room, but finding flower arrangements perfect for your home and at the right price isn’t easy. To find the best way to arrange flowers, Meghan Carter of www.AsktheDecorator.com visited floral designer Vickie Wenstrup, and discoverd some great flower-arranging tips.
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  • FloralRainbow says:

    This video is awesome. I love flowers. All of them are beautiful.

  • MsFlowergirl1 says:

    First of all, if this is an instructional video, they never showed the viewer the step by step instructions, and the flowers used; after a few greens, the vase was done in the next scene. And I agree with nanaswreaths, you don’t use scissors– learn to master your knife.

  • nanaswreaths says:

    It would be nice to mention the folwers they used such as Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus, Bear Grass etc…..Designing with Fresh flowers is much different than silk…..

  • nanaswreaths says:

    scissors will pinch your stems thus lessening the capability to absorb water….the clean sut with a foral knife is better….working with a real sharp knife takes practice, but it is the best way to go

  • askthedecorator says:

    You are very right. The professionals point the knife towards them. But until you’ve mastered the technique, it’s much safer to point it away — or better yet, use a scissors. I found it very hard to perfect the knife technique, and was told using a sharp scissors works just as well. -Meghan

  • kesiahelene says:

    I agree with your personal taste when it comes to the choice of colors..
    But, the good flower decorators often point the knife towards themself since this gives the best cut when it`s comes to flowers. And besides, knife is the best tool to use because it`s sharper then a scissor and if you want your bouquet to last it`s important to maintain the flowers “water-straw” by being careful not to “crush” it…

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