Edens Secret – Soap Making Technique Especially for Beginners.

To buy go to:- www.edens-secret.co.uk This is a simple design that any soap maker who knows the basics of soap making can do. As usual any questions either ask in a comment or send me a PM.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.ThingsFromHomeinc.com Here is the “part 2″ video to my first video about “making” all natural and organic “soap”. I hope that you watch both back to back so you get the full “soap making” process that I use when I create my “all natural” and “organic” handmade (soaps), right in my own kit chen!! The first video can be seen here www.youtube.com The guy interviewing me in the video is “Robert Bankston” of The Method Reports, llc, he is an “internet marketing mentor”, and the author of “The Method Report”, “The Youtube Marketing Course”, and a few other titles. His books teach people how to use the many free and effective resources there are online to market and promote both “online” and “real world ” businesses. ” Video Marketing” (using videos to market a product, website, or service) has quickly become the platinum standard in marketing, and this video is evidence of my desire and action taken to “drive traffic” and increase sales to my handmade “health” and beauty product website, www.ThingsFromHomeinc.com If you are interested in increasing the traffic and sales on your website, you NEED to learn video marketing! Robert Bankston can be contacted through his Youtube channel http or his website www.themethodreports.com Thanks for watching, and please rate my video (s), leave me a comment, and SUBSCRIBE to get the new videos I am releasing! BEST! Mickey Dye-Ishikawa (the soap maker) Things From Home, inc http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • CreationsByChrissy says:

    you had mentioned towards the end of the video that you didn’t “trace” these soaps the first time you made them. What does that mean “trace” the soaps, do you mean swirl the colors together? I’m too new to soapmaking to understand all the terms. Thanks and love you lots!

  • LOVeMuhammad4ever says:

    Pls do more tutorials!! Thanks you!! I’m going to try this and will let you know how it goes!! Also what kind of frosting do you use for your bath bombs/soaps! ? It looks beautiful! You’re so talented!

  • faruk hashim says:

    i have a question …you said it glycerin base (white)  and form what i understand it the curing time is 24-48 hours or until it harden then you can use it right away. but why in the end you said to let it cure for 8 weeks…so is it lye base then? or its a lye base at first which have gone through the curing time and it is a soap already(call it glycerin base (white))? thank you.

  • Thebodystop says:

    If you inhale it it has toxic/chemical fumes. If you touch it or it touches you it burns you…its the same stuff like drano or clog remover except it is pure and you can make soap with it. Children and squeamish adults should never make soap from scratch because it is too dangerous if handled improperly or irresponsibly….But basically it burns. vinegar stops the lye reaction.

  • Thebodystop says:

    This is exactly what I have been thinking about doing!!!! Because my family’s skin is dry and itchy I make all my soaps(M&P) with goats milk and shea butter. Making one large custom base makes a whole lots of sense!! Thanks for this video!!!

  • HandmadeSoaps says:

    Lye is in all soap! It is dangerous until it is mixed with water & oils and allowed curing time. My base was already created in this video. I use white.

  • tevaanik says:

    I have a question regarding the proces. I have seing other videos of people making artisian soap… but they add something call Lye… I don’t see that in your soap, wich make me think your it is a more healthy way of preparing the soap. I saw couple of people mentioning that Lye it is very dangerous. Please give me some feed back because I would love to do my own soaps. Oh and I want to know also if the glycerine you used it is the whi or cream color? Please answer ASAP thanks.

  • missdior212 says:

    I love your products! My aunt got some for me(orange euphoria), she knows my obsession with natural prod.! lol.I’ve just recently started making my own lotion, soaps, lip balm etc etc. but I am going to start making some to donate to a local rescue I work with. They have auctions, raffles to raise money and I was wondering where you buy your ingredients? Buying many small jars of ingredients is way too expensive. Bulk would be best price wise I believe. Any suggestions on where to buy?

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