Edens Secret MAKING Vegetable Glycerine Soaps

Two fabulous fragrances ehre in “Angel Skin” and “Peaches & Cream” – to find them, just click this link to be taken to our website:- www.edens-secret.co.uk
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  • adcs2323 says:

    Hello, I lovee your soaps! But I was wondering how do you make the spiral curl things in your soap? Do you have to make a separate soap or do you just buy it? please let me know thanks! :)

  • TheBettie40 says:

    Love your videos. What is the difference between melt and pour soaps vs. made from scratch soaps? Which one is better for our skin, I hope you can help thank you for your time,

  • Lisa Doherty says:

    Love, love, love your videos. You have inspired me to start making m&p soap!! Thank you for the great videos, you are so very talented! I really enjoy watching and hope to one day have the nerve to try cold process.

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