Door Gap Perfecting Hot Rods and Auto Restoration

Door Gap Perfecting Hot Rods & Auto Restoration

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  • RT99AB says:

    great JOB…theres nothing worse than a car with poor body lines ..thats great job.. looks awsome..must have been time consuming..that tech has great skill..!!

  • BigJW405 says:

    Another very informitive video From My friend Your Friend Every Ones Friend PETE!!!!!

  • ewtopher says:

    NIce work Steve very helpful info. Will be starting a restoration on MK1 Scirocco in the new yeah

  • fikkdich says:

    Just goes to show that some tools are for convenience only and not necessary to get er done. Sometimes my makeshift tools work better than the ones designed by some expert. Good vid Pete.

  • callmenort says:

    Pretty kewl Pete! What day did you do this? just curious. Used your methods here to rebuild the outer wheelwells on my 71 Nova. Made my patterns from poster board and cardboard, was slow but I was pleased with the finished job. Enjoy all of yur vids. thanks

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