Pretty Much, it talks about the dolls I collect, except the Ai dolls because I actually don’t collect Ai’s, but I still think they should be included in this video , since JunPlanning did make them. I collect Pullips and Dals mostly- the Minis too. :)

Surprise Unboxing

So I got a package in the mail from MGA Entertainment.. MGA Entertainment sent me this one of a kind Chloe Bratz doll today as a thank you gift for my efforts to help get the True Hope dolls made. These bald Bratz/Moxie dolls will help women and children with alopecia, trichotillomania, cancer, etc to feel more accepted without hair. I had made the picture on the left back in January. They copied it! This doll is bigger than a normal Bratz and her joints bend. The shirt even says Chloe Rocks :) I love the red bow ring! Thank you MGA!! You are an amazing company. Thank you Mr. Larian!! Thank you SUSA n!! Thank you Jane Maden Bingham and Beckie Bonifassi!! if you care to visit with me www.face book .com/rockerchicchloe Sorry my lips don’t sync with my word, it is a crappy webcam!
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  • Cinnamonroll87 says:

    Sewing machines are easier to use and are quicker to sew with, you’d be able to make many more dolls than hand-sewing which I do. I know that a sewing machine is better because I once went to an arts-and-crafts store, and I tried out a sewing machine that was avaliable to use for any purpose- I tried to make a little pouch- and in about 5 to 15 minutes, I finished. But with hand-sewing, it would’ve taken a day or two. Good luck at sewing clothes for your dolls- and for yourself!!!! *^_^*

  • Cinnamonroll87 says:

    Yes, I collect dolls- Pullips and Dals mostly. I currently have 4 Pullips- Sfoglia, Aquel, Ddalgi, and Tiphona. And I have 2 Dals- Sakura and Tina (They are all their original names the company, JunPlanning, decided for the dolls). Dolls are fun to make- I don’t know how to make the Bisque or Porcelain or Wax- you know, expensive materials. Cloth dolls are enjoyable to make- they calm you down and take up time when you’re bored. I think you should get a sewing machine.

  • awesometaco12 says:

    cool, you collect dolls? I really want to learn how to make dolls, they’re just… fun :D And i think being able to make doll clothes should also be able to help me make clothes in my size ( I just need to get better at sewing, lol)

  • nikki holguin says:

    u know what, i think monster high dolls come bald 2 because of the ones where u can make ur own! congrats and i see ur beautiful hair is growing back!

  • Nevrra says:

    WOW!!!! IM in LOVE ! This doll are Amazing :D

  • Ravex122169 says:

    im so happy for you chloe. watching it i got a tear on my face. so sad tears just a happy one. :) congrats.

  • munnonockspirit says:

    Hey no worries. You should see the stunt MY webcam pulled back in June. Crazy! What’s in the vid is what counts; I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t my computer being weird. lol

    Congrats again on the cool doll, and I wanted to add, on the subject of the doll having your eye makeup–I’m glad they did that because your eye makeup is awesome. ;)

  • ThatWretchedKid says:

    Thank you Stewart! I hope these dolls are on shelves in Australia soon.

  • TheSarastar10 says:

    So kool!! I wish u luck for your life :)

  • zoeybatterup152 says:

    one time i got my hair braided with fake hair and i took it out after about five month and it all fell out so i had to wear a wig and one time it was p.e and i jumped to throw a ball and my wig fell of i was like. . . . then one girl was like are you ok and i was like yeah.

  • MuhaBagci says:

    Wow, congratz on getting ur own OOAK Bratz doll! She’s a beauty!

  • alexbabs12345 says:

    Woah!! That is beyond epic!! Big Congratz Chloe, you do rock!

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