Creating and analysing film, is it two thing totally seperated ?

Question by Sangam: Creating and analysing film, is it two thing totally seperated ?
Hey guys,
As a grew up, I’m taking more and more interest about film, more precisely about the “art of filmmaking”. The thing is that when talking about film, we have different type of people : people who loves to watch movies, people who analyses and critsizes, and people who actually makes the film.
I consider myself to be as one of the people who likes to make the film.
The question in a nutshell is, is film theory worth it for actually making film ?
@steve pe
Yeah, i totally agree by the fact that knowledge is important. However, i think that knoweldge you gain from your personnal failure and struggles are way valuable than knowledge you get from someone else. A quick example to illustrate :
Someone who struggles hours and hours to find a solution in math will likely to understand much better than another person who got help to solve in a couple of minutes.
So what i am trying to say is : does critic and analysis interfere with your creation?
As opposed to science, art has no standard. You are the one to create the standard inside of your creation.

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Answer by Steve P
Well of course it is important to have as much knowledge and understanding of what you are doing as is possible. If you are clueless as to what constitutes a “good film”, then you will likely do little better than amateur looking “home movies”. Of course, people have different OPINIONS on what is a good movie to them and what is not, but that does not necessarily reflect on the expertise of how the film was actually made. I can’t stand films like “Ben Hur”, but it is one of the greatest films ever made.

Bottom line, you can never know enough about your trade, get all the knowledge you can while you can! :-)


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  • Collins says:

    Yes it can definitely prove valuable, I have a degree in film and I enjoyed every moment getting it, but in reality the only skills I learned to actually make film while in film school were while I was making film in film school. I think it’s good to get a nice base of how to analyze a film then you can take that information into your filmmaking, you don’t need to become an expert at critically analyzing films. Shoot look at tarantino, all he did was watch movies, tens of thousands of them for years and years and learned his trade as he went.

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