Copic Markers for Scrapbookers: Why Copic? Join Copic Certified Designer Lain Ehmann as you learn about Copic Markers — what’s the big deal? Why are papercrafters so in love with them, and what are all the different types? More videos to come – subscribe to be notified!

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  • keiomega says:

    :) Thanks for posting your videos, the others that I have watched the sound seemed fine.

  • ScrapHappyLain says:

    I know that it’s way too quiet — but I don’t hear an echo at all?

  • ScrapHappyLain says:

    This one sounds low to me but the last few have been fine on audio on my end. :( I will see what I can do next time around. Sorry!

  • bc7ate9 says:

    I just got Copic certified too – the best part was getting to spend ALL DAY coloring!!! So, congratulations! (and I agree with the other 2 comments – very hard to hear on my iPad)

  • brooknrich says:

    Hi Meagan, I LOVE the Little Carries all tote and the mini organizer. I had to place an order, they are all SO NEAT!!! Hugs for sharing this with us all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

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