Classic Car Restoration-How To Prep Your Surface Rusted Metal. Part 2

Classic Car Restoration-How To Prep Your Surface Rusted Metal. Part 2

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video showing the four year restoration of a 1967 Triumph Vitesse 2 litre convertable.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • diyautoschool says:

    If you can’t find a roof panel for the vehicle, and it doesn’t seem anyway posslble to cut out the old and weld in some new sheet metal patchs, the only other possibilty would be to use some marine-tec which is an epoxy type water proof filler , before applying this you would have to have the area cleaned throughly on both top and bottom, then once you have use it, paint it with some POR15 on both sides so the rust will be cured and dead.. Then proceed to bodywork and paint.

  • 94Gtxgohan says:

    hey pete i have a question i have a project truck 1972 dodge w200
    she has extensive rust i can do most removal like lower part of cab but the roof has
    alot were i can be in the cab look up and right above the windshield i can see little holes and see the sky and it goes across and rust into the roof all the way through any advice
    getting a replacement roof isnt possible to get

  • Ol dirt McGirt says:

    Pete thanks for your tips sir!!! Now does this procedure serve as a tar an Wax remover too or just as a rust inhibitor??? I’m hoping it works as a tar remover so I can save upwards of 30$ at Napa for tar and wax remover!

  • diyautoschool says:

    And one more thing, you need to be careful working on the hood, it will warp very easily from the stress and heat from the sander, hoods are very flimsy

  • diyautoschool says:

    youll want to use 80 grit if your going to use a grinder type sander, but then on the other hand, if it’s mainly the hood, you can buy an aftermarket one cheaper then trying to fix what you have…

  • tobroke2007 says:

    Hi sir, when u get a chance was wondering if u might could answer a question for me, I just bought a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse it has real bad surface rust on the hood part of the passenger compartment . Was wondering if it would be ok to use a circular sander and what grit paper to use. It just appears to be real bad surface rust.

  • 905SONICking says:

    hey can you look at my videos the car i found at prude ranch in fortdavis texas at prude ranch im about to get the car and i need to know anything to bring that car back to life

  • Rogues Scholar says:

    Hello my friend PETE! I love your videos man and you are just like me……….we shoot from the hip don’t we bud! I’m working on my first reso of a 79 Trans AM with a 400 and 4 speed. Fun stuff! Anyway…….I’m looking forward to watching all your vids. Thanks for your work on these videos……… out here in redneck Redmond, OR, we get off our ass AND GIT R DONE!

  • MrGurudude5 says:

    Peter im here local “carrollton” can you help me out and tell me a place where i can find sheet metal thank you!

  • diyautoschool says:

    Thanks for the comments and support—Take it easy, Pete

  • scott zagu says:

    very good, and thanks for saving another one from the crusher

  • megasuggs says:

    Yes, I just started her up after the winter, still running fine :-)

  • therealpoD says:

    nice done, hope she still drives nowadays :)

  • megasuggs says:

    I guess I spent less than £2000 on parts and tools, but this was 20 years ago so it would be more nowadays, it’s a long job to take on in your spare time but I was very pleased with the results.

  • mfindora5210 says:

    thats a really nice car. how much dose this cost? is it cheaper to buy tools and do it yourself?

  • megasuggs says:

    Thank your your kind comment, it is twenty years since I started restoring the Vitesse, and it got another “best Classic Car” award this year, I hope your restoration goes well.

  • alexQw33 says:

    Incredible work mate, the car looks like a million dollars, you should be very proud of your work. I’ve read your advice for future restorers, thatks, it will come in handy when I star work on my 78MGB, I really hope my car ends up close to what you achived. Congrats on your beautiful car.

  • FiatGuy23 says:

    Thats true, but on the other hand I started restoring A 1923 fiat when I was 15 and had no mechanical knowledge at all, now that its drivable again I know basically everything about the car!

  • ClassicCarQuest says:

    Cant wait to get my 68 mustang done

  • ARIS3OLE says:

    it looks like as if it came out of the dealership nicely done 4 years more than well spent

  • Guli Moreno says:

    check out my 1956 Peugeot 403, im about to start restoration!!!­c

  • megasuggs says:

    Quite a lot really, but it is a slow process, so it is possible to learn about each part from books, asking advice or from the internet as you go along, take photographs and video of each part to help to put it back together again. I put all the nuts, bolts and small parts from each part that I removed in plastic bags with lables, to help me.

  • kwozemodo says:

    how much mechanical knowledge do you need to restore a car?

  • megasuggs says:

    They say about 80% of restorations never get finished, I found the best way was to work on it for a few months, and when i’d had enough I took a few months off, this is why it took me four years of spare time, it’s important to get the right books, and take plenty of photos as you go, this helps a lot if you forget how things go together after a few months.

  • jules19168 says:

    i just started , any good tips not to give up, did you ever get fed up with it

  • megasuggs says:

    Best of luck, it takes a lot of effort, but for me it was well worth it, if you need any questions answered i’ll be happy to help if I can.

  • TheVitesseman says:

    Hi Mate very interesting, I to have the same car that iam about to undertake the same process :))

  • unkowndeath says:

    id be honoured to shake your hand and call you a real man, im currently restoring my 1968 dodge charger

  • SeaWolfe59 says:

    Im impressed. What a beautiful and classic car.

  • taxi2y28 says:

    Thats very cool,I like to see an ‘Essex’ car on its home turf. I’m located in Canada these days but I’m from Southend and have always liked locally registered classics. I have a ’69 Jaguar XJ which although isnt a Southend ‘HJ’ prefix, it is still wearing its London prefix plate way out here.

  • SlippySamExtreme says:

    Yes, at this moment the car is in my garage in Grays, Essex.
    It was first registered in Brentwood 01-01-1967

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