Classic Car Restoration-How To Prep Your Rusted Surface Metal. Part 1

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  • diyautoschool says:

    YOu will need to take your subframe and have it sandblasted. what you are running into is that you probably have grease and oil that is saturated in the metal and the only way to clean it properly is sandblasting. Good luck. Pete

  • joeyc618 says:

    on your other video in response to surface rust you used vinegar/water…my question is how long do you leave the vinegar/water on the surface????? i am restoring my sub frame for my TA and i have stripped it to bare metal but i cannot for the life of me to get the primer to stick…grrr lol

  • twackman4life says:

    So I bought my mustang from a rather shady individual and I want to do a good job restoring the body and repainting it. I have no clue how well he got rid of the rust before it was bondoed and repainted. Would you recommend me soda blasting it down (which I am willing to do) and then starting fresh?
    A auto painter told me that the factory primer was better than any other primer and that blasting it would be a bad decision in the long run. Not sure if that is true.

  • heatfilter says:

    Media blast & zinc treatment is my 1st option, second is this

  • diyautoschool says:

    If the rust if very heavy and crusty, it should be either sand and or soda blasted, or grinded off before rust converter is applied

  • MrNiceguy247365 says:

    Hey, is it better to grind off the rust to bare metal or apply rust converter?

  • diyautoschool says:

    The most common ones would be the old vinyl top cars, moisture and water gets under the material and rust rust rust away… another car is older cars that have alot of faded paint and don’t get treated properly when refinished…

  • diyautoschool says:

    If it’s the orginal paint you should be able to get away with prepping and using a good high solids 2K primer and going from there…

  • diyautoschool says:

    Strip your vehicle to bare metal with aircraft stripper or you can have it soda blasted, then move on to this step. Pete

  • Forgottenophelia says:

    What needs to be done before this step as far as prepping goes? Does the old
    Paint/primer need to be taken off? I have an old wagon I just bought that has moderate surface rust on hood and roof but paint is good in some spots and not so good on others. I’m wanting to repaint the whole car but want to address the rust first. Also do you use the same wire disc on a flat surface?

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