Bob Crane of C. Crane’s CES Interview on Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

In this Clear Channel radio interview, Bob and Craig talk about: 1. CCRadio-3: Simple AM, FM Radio with excellent AM reception, the “anti-tech” radio . 2. CC…
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Steve Kruschen, Mr. Gadget®, talks with Bob Crane of C. Crane about their one-of-a-kind “GeoBulb.” For more information, visit
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  • jbravo70 says:

    Wish these led bulbs could throw out light closer to 360 degrees. Always
    cast a shadow below the base

  • halicon74 says:

    i use the geobulb3 they are fantastic best yet its a tech that’s still
    being explored I’m happy with mine plan on buying more

  • im1greatman says:

    LED’s will be the norm when working class families can afford them.

  • C. Crane says:

    @jbravo70 Thanks for your comments about the GeoBulb. Focusing the light in
    one direction helps save energy but may not be the best for all light
    fixtures. Here is a drawing based on actual light output as compared to an
    incandescent (ccrane com/images/other/GeoBulb-Usage.jpg). LEDs are a whole
    new type of bulb with new properties and applications. I am sure an LED
    bulb with the light output you want will be coming within a year or two.

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