Best book to learn auto body repair?

Question by heathhitman: Best book to learn auto body repair?
Hey, im looking to learn how to START auto body repair. Learning from a book everything you know is just as good as going to school for it, and then eventually gaining hands on experience either from someone teaching you, or read ing it and doing it yourself.

So i would like to know what the best book to begin my restoration progress on the body of my 82′ 280zx. I need to be taught how to repair rust, welding, and it has to be for beginners and through enough for me to learn every single step with good advice and guidance through each step. Is there a book out there any one would recommend for me to start and progress through the whole project and do a good job on especially for a DIY learn?

I have al read y looked on amazon for books that would be good, but the review s i have read say that they aren’t the greatest books for beginners to learn each step proficiently with good detail. There was only one that looks as if it might be good, but im not sure. That book is called, “Classic car restoration” or something of that nature.

Thanks in advance for opinions!
Do you really think that an auto body shop will let me stand around offering ” non -knowledgeable” services for something im trying to learn?

People dont want to give their knowledge away for free. Of course i know i can go to school to learn, but in reality, that is not completely necessary. I am looking for the best book to buy to learn this. I hate receiving childish answers from teens that have no other better thing to do, but give BS answers to people who want good answers. Pathetic. I wonder if someone that is of good knowledge will answer my question on a good book to buy, instead of saying something that i al read y know and not answering my question instead.

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Answer by Pete
youre better off helping out at a local bodyshop, offering your services for free, its the best way to learn, there you will see how things are prepeared, and you have experienced people to learn from and ask,

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  • James says:

    I was recently playing around on the net looking for some help with this same subject, because I am about to get a 1975 280z, and it needs a lot of body work too. I found a cool video that can be purchased, which goes into, tools needed, techniques, and it seems to be in layman’s terms, so he makes it pretty easy to understand.

    You can check out some of his video on Youtube.

    And the site to purchase the full video is

    This video is mostly for the bodywork aspect, and I’m not sure if it goes into welding and paint, but I really like how he can smooth out a piece of sheet metal, so it doesn’t need Bondo.

    If you would like to see the car I’m getting so you can see the kind of trouble I’m getting myself into, then you can see it here:

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