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BEESWAX, Melting Bees Wax for candles and blocks.Melt bees wax in microwave or steam table ideas.Candle mold wick th read ing . Bees wax candle molds 100 different. For wax or molds CLICK Breaking bees wax blocks. Pouring bees wax taper candles. Bees wax candle making by Beekeeper John Pluta,Milledgeville Georgia, Beekeeping honey cappings bees wax .Beekeepers candle finish trick. Clean strained filtered honey bees wax from beekeeping beehives. Beekeepers harvest bees wax from honey comb un capping then melt for candle making,cosmetics,hair.Bees wax candles poured into molds of rubber latex,silicone, glass, and metal.

Visit for step by step instructions and what I used in this tutorial! The first basic tutorial you need to get started candle making! Making your own candles can not only save you a lot of money, but you can also choose what fragrances, colors, styles, and sizes of candles you want to make! You won’t regret diving into this rewarding hobby.
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  • Tibouchina11 says:

    The resin in Orgone is used to apply pressure to the crystals and copper coil, to kind of “push” the ether energy out of the Orgone, into the atmosphere. Adding anything other than aluminium shavings, copper coil (going clockwise), quartz crystals and resin, changes the formula and does not function as POE (Positive Orgone Energy); it then becomes DOE (Dead Orgone Energy) and will attract negative energy to you instead of positive energy.

  • mamatalu says:

    she didnt change wicks. Those were metal inserts that would create cavity in the center of the candle to receive the actual wicks. Watch again.

  • BossLadyCotton says:

    it wasnt a wick that she changed the metal part that she took out was the stem that makes the hole while the wax is returning to its solid form when she took that out she put the wick in

  • gullreefclub says:

    Do not make candles in you kitchen unless you want wax everywhere. Beeswax & Paraffin are a pain in the butt to clean up. Never use a pot that you will cook in again it is now you candle pot. Put cardboard down on your work table and on the floor or patio you will thank me at clean up time. Pringles cans and paper product tubes will work just spay them heavy with Pam Want a funky candle try a paper milk carton filled with ice & then fill with paraffin Remember Keep you wicks straight.

  • awesomegirls10 says:

    Um, because it’s fun. I melt down old candles my family doesn’t use anymore and I make new ones! It’s reall reallly fun! But, besides that, why would you look up a candle tutorial video if you think it’s stupid?

  • kindafukenbaked says:

    I use corn and soy oil, or “steric acid”, but we had a different set up for molds. we used the plastic molds with the wick already in. oh I miss the good ol days at Yeomans and Woodbury making vegalite candles :)

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