Automobile Restoration-Block Sanding Techniques Made Easy.

My Friend Pete lets the secret out of the bag. or 972-420-1293
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  • HotrodJavelins says:

    Love your videos mate, can’t help to think that we’re cut from the same cloth at times…
    Keep up the great work mate, you’re videos have assisted me a lot! Cheers from Australia!

  • knutfheifer says:

    Can you help me, I am working on a polonis ex-rental truckie and have chrome wire custom wheels and a chicane on the rear fenders, the problem I have is simple to the expert, there is gum tack in the paintwork which is candy orange black and this shows up every time, I need to mask the area for trimming it but can’t decide the right tool for the job, I thought masking tape might be a good start, then auto prep before putting the stipes on the location, there was two areas with this problem too.

  • Aeoronautical says:

    LOL I love it , very entertaining and educational . I really lol’d at the way you keep an eye on charlie and give him the gears (no pun intended)he seems like a good guy tho, just great stuff nice video.

  • CutlassL29 says:

    Funny video! Poor Charlie!
    Thanks for the tips and all the videos! They’ll help when I get back to working on my 67 Cutlass!

  • praynker says:

    thanks man ill do that. Im working on a 60 chevy truck & around the top windshield inside the truck there’s rust holes can i put fiberglass bondo hairs to fix this or will it not work well i have removed the glass thanks for your help

  • Josh Schwering says:

    Thanks Pete! Love your videos. So no epoxy. I had thought that it would be better over the areas that are down to metal. But I got both types on hand. Thanks again your videos really break it down and show someone how.

  • swrnc says:

    You don’t need to epoxy prime yet, DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME.. go ahead and just 2K prime for now and then after you blocksand and bodywork-redo, then 2K again as needed, wetsand car, get ready for paint and then you will epoxy prime as needed only spraying one coat of epoxy primer for a sealer before paint, make sure you flow the epoxy out so as not to get orange peal or runs, this is a NON SANDABLE PRIMER! Good luck. Pete

  • Josh Schwering says:

    Alright Pete your tip on the body line worked out well. Now I got all my body work roughed in. I got the car sanded out to 180grit. Going with 2 coats of epoxy followed by 3 coats 2k euro high build. Is it ok to go ahead and prime? Also after I prime and do my guide coat thats going to show me the flaws i may have missed correct?

  • swrnc says:

    No, once the primer is dry it’s ok, you might see water spots, just spray a guide coat on it and blocksand. Pete

  • Josh Schwering says:

    Hey Pete nice work on the Dart. That line you taped off. I did a skin replacement on mine and thought they layers of filler work ive lost that line. Whats the best way to get it back? Can I tape the line like you did and make it sharper?

  • WinstonCrafter says:

    Your awesome… A little harsh on Charlie, But THATS WHAT HE NEEDS!! haha thanks for the videos keep them coming.

  • mrfixitman123 says:

    That was great !!! Teaching from the heart . That how I feel !!!!

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