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An antique store owner explains how to evaluate costume jewelry you might find at garage sales and what to look for in this free video on antiques.
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Carnival glass is identified by its unique iridescent color, which was created by Fenton starting in 1907. Find rare pieces of Carnival glass with helpful information from an antiques expert in this free video on collecting glassware. Expert: Statia Widak Bio: Statia Widak has been collecting antiques for more than 10 years.
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  • ReVuLuTiOnZ says:

    stop giving out valuable info us pickers have enough compitition in the jewelry business as it is dont educate uneducated people and let the educated buy the jewelry at low prices not all signed pieces are valuable monet is not really a great brand either buy jewelry in lots cheap of someone who wants to get rid of it and then piece it out dont buy monet unless you like it for you it does not sell for more than a couple bucks!

  • MissTeaFi says:

    Go to Thistlewood carnival glass site to get proper information – they are world renowned published authors on Carnival Glass

  • kevykev38 says:

    How can I date a piece of carnival glass and have it appraised? I believe it’s very old the piece i have. Does anyone have information on this glass I have?

  • zLOSTNOMOREz says:

    Just remember to get a book that has the different factory marks because that it just about the only way to get an idea of how old the glass really is. They still make this stuff and unless you know what your looking at,it’s very easy to make a very expensive mistake!

  • Flowerpowernluv says:

    Absolutely beautiful glass there. Thanks for sharing this with us. I collect antiques too. I try to protect them as much as I can. the thought of anything of mine getting ruined is so scary. :P

  • kwel189 says:

    Thank You so much for posting these videos!
    You have beautiful pieces and I enjoy watching your videos. Thank You!

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